Last updated: December 3, 2018

Let's Speak Jazz! - pre-orders are open
Martin Jacobsen's saxophone method book Let's Speak Jazz! is soon to be published. The book will be available worldwide from January 2018 and pre-orders are open in a number of countries. Follow this Google link for more information:
In Let’s Speak Jazz! saxophonists will find everything they want to know about sound, technique and improvisation. Drawing upon his many years of experience in the education and training of up-and-coming musicians, Martin Jacobsen provides a motivating introduction to the fascinating world of jazz improvisation for moderately advanced saxophonists.

Martin Jacobsen's interview on VTV4
The national television broadcaster of Vietnam, VTV, recently interviewed Jacobsen to their international channel to Vietnamese worldwide. The interview took place during one of the shows at the legendary Metropole in Hanoi, and has been uploaded to YouTube:

Interview in Japan
The April 2011 issue of Japan's leading jazz magazine, "Jazz Life", featured an in-depth 2-page interview (in Japanese) with Martin by Michi Asaishi. Download it in PDF format here.